Fee's And Prices

Rates subject to change without notice
    All  rates are based on avg. yard of 1/4 acre and may vary depending on size of yard and landscaping
    Payment required prior to services being rendered
    We accept cash, or checks only.

Initial Clean-up Charge (dog waste service only)
Applies to all new weekly customers whose yards have excessive waste accumulation. The initial clean-up charge is $35. This is a $35 minimum. If there is little or no accumulated waste, the initial charge will be waived.

We work rain or shine. However, heavy, sustained downpours and snow of an inch or more will cause a delay in service till the following week. Also, if you are not at home at the time of your service You will still pay for that week, since the following week’s service will require double the pick-up.

1 Time A Week.

1 Dog $10/Visit
2 Dogs $15/Visit
3 Dogs $20/Visit
4 Dogs $25/Visit

2 Times A Week.

1 Dog $20
2 Dogs $30
3 Dogs $40
4 Dogs $50

Every Other Week.

1 Dog- $20 per visit
2 dogs- $30 per visit
3 dogs- $40 per visit
4 dogs- $50 per visit

One Time/Spring Clean-up

One Time Cleaning rates are $35 for the first 60 minutes. Each additional 15 minutes is charged at an additional $1/per min.  Total cost will depend on the amount of waste, size and overall condition of yard.

Payment is due at time of service being rendered.


One Litter Box, $5/Visit
Two Litter Boxes, $10/Visit
Three Litter Boxes, $15/Visit
Four Litter Boxes, $20/Visit
Five Litter Boxes, $25/Visit
Five or More Litter Boxes, $30/Visit

One Horse One Stall, $20/Visit
Two Horses, Two Stall's $40/Visit
Three Horses, Three Stall's $60/Visit
Four Horses, Four Stall's $80/Visit
Five Horses, Five Stall's $100/Visit

Of Course Prices Are Always Negotiable.

Do you offer deodorizer for my yard?
No, we do not. We strive to be friendly to the environment (one of the many good reasons to scoop the poop). Adding any chemicals to your lawn, adds them to the environment. Therefore, we do not offer this service. However, we have noticed, once you remove the source of the odor (poop) the smell typically goes away.

What do you do with the poop?
We double-bag the waste and and dispose of it in your trash receptacle.  For an extra $5/service, we do offer haul away service.


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