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Apr. 2, 2019

Diana Salinas

James is awesome! He's very reliable & honest and will be sorely missed! Our boxer as well as us will miss his weekly visits!

Apr. 2, 2019

Julee C

James is awesome! He is beyond efficient, , is always on time and is just the nicest guy! ( he would often leave doggie treats on our front porch after he was done scooping!) he always goes back over our yard twice to make sure he got all our dogs “business”!

Apr. 2, 2019

Corina F

James is reliable and does a great job! My dog has major stranger anxiety. After a short while her and James were friends, because he took the time to make friends and she was perfectly comfortable with him in our yard. I highly recommend him. We started
using him when my husband was injured and could no longer clean up after our dog. Now that my husband is recovered we continue to use James because we’ve been so happy with his service!

Website Apr. 2, 2019


James is a very reliable and hard working guy! He always shows up on time, is friendly and efficient! He is very thorough also-inspecting our entire yard even though the dogs are mostly in one side area. They get out and do their business randomly and
James finds it! I am SO happy we decided to hire him! It makes for a much more enjoyable backyard experience and I don’t have to nag my husband hehe!

Sep. 12, 2018

Charles Boggus

K-9 Sanitation gets the job done! James is one of those guys that goes above and beyond, and always has a cheerful greeting for you. My schedule didn't give me much time to tend to my Mastiffs business, but James stepped up and handled the biz for us!
Great guy, great service, call him!

Aug. 28, 2018

Mort Goldberg; Talent Agent

Being a talent agent, as you can imagine, I'm very busy and my time is very valuable. Splitting time between my apartment in New York and my 8 acre equestrian property in Temecula I have double the responsibilities that many of the people reading this
review have to manage. One of the many things I need to manage is my travel arrangements. You can't purchase First Class seats for 3 English Sheep Dogs, believe me I've tried. Between my 3 canines and my 3 champion Appaloosa and 2 Arabian there's a ton of
crap to be removed from the grounds. I've used Jame's services for 8 years now. In that time I've switchec accountants twice, landscapers 5 times, equine trainers a dozen times at least, and fiancees thrice. James is the only person I haven't or more appropriately
can't and won't replace. Why? I don't build relationships with my help, you can't, it fogs your perception. I keep James because he's reliable, skilled, has integrity, and he's cheap. James will always have a job here.

Aug. 15, 2018

Andrew Phatty

What I like about James is what a really thorough job he does, a job that isn't all that pleasing to do. Every time James shows up I never get the impression he doesn't want to be there or hates what he does.. I feel the price is more than fair and I recommend
James to anyone who would rather use a professional to remove animal waste from their property.

Aug. 15, 2018


K9 Sanitation is a great company! Comes to my home every Sunday (a day I picked) to comb through the grass in my backyard to pick up all of my dog’s poop. Landscapers come every Monday, and I never once have to worry about them stepping in any mess. Affordable!
Friendly to my dog! Love this company.

Jun. 7, 2018

Ashley Smith

K-9 Sanitation Rocks!!

Jun. 7, 2018

Brandon Layton

K9 Sanitation is an excellent company for waste removal. Highly recommend their services for keeping your property clean