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Dear Valued Customer.


We're writing to you because we want you to know something. And today it's not something you often hear from our profession. It's simply that we're extraordinarily happy that you chose us as your Professional Pooper Scooper Service. Quite frankly, we think it's an honor.


You See, our profession has undergone immense changes from what it was just a few short years ago. Technologically, we're way ahead, but not all of the changes are good. To us it seems as if a lot of the caring has gone out of the profession, as it has in many professions. 


It's similar to sports. Sports are no longer just sports. They're more of a business. An impersonal business. But we made a vow that we weren't going to let that happen to our organization, We started our Poop Scoop Business because we cared and we don't want to lose that.


Here's what this means for you. It means that if you have an emergency, we're available. just call 740-821-9822 and one of our most trusted team members will get back to you as soon as possible. Because an emergency's an emergency. 


It means that if you work, we have early hours and late hours. in addition to our regular daytime hours. Because we'd want that from any business. 


Also, if you refer a friend or love one to us, we're going to treat them with the same conviction and energy with which we're helping you. Perhaps it's a little hokey to say these days, but a friend of yours is a friend of ours.


It also means that if you have any problems or concerns at all, we'll work with you in any way we can. Because that's what caring means. 


K-9 Sanitation is a trusted leader in dog poop pickup


Do you love picking up after your pooch? It’s okay: you’re not alone. That’s why so many dog owners choose K-9 Sanitation to keep their lawn clean and safe for the family and pets to enjoy.


Go ahead and focus on the things you enjoy doing most. We’ll take care of the dirty work!



Again, we want to say how glad we are, and how appreciative our whole team is, that you've chosen us over everyone else. It's an honor. Thank You.



James McDonald

The Sanitation Guy. 


Thanks For Visiting.

James McDonald